ladimir Putin and Donald Trump


The Trump administration has announced it is imposing sanctions on individuals and organizations in Russia.

Florida Bridge Collapse Results In Deaths, Injuries

A newly installed bridge on the Florida International University campus collapsed Thursday, killing multiple people and injuring others.
Ford Fusion

Ford Recalls 1.3 Million Cars Over Safety

The recall announced by Ford Motor Company on Wednesday affects its Fusion, Lincoln MKZ and Focus models in North America, with the majority of affected vehicles sold in the United States.
Smartwatch With Android Wear

Google Rebranding Android Wear As Wear OS By Google

Google is rebranding Android Wear, its smartwatch operating system, as Wear OS by Google — but the company is not providing any updates to the operating system.

Deadly Detention: Self-Portrait of a Tragedy

The missteps and errors of ICE and its contractors have led to concerns about the safety of immigrant detainees with mental health issues.

The Short List Of Politicians Giving Away Their Steve Wynn Donations

Only a handful of Republican politicians who received donations from casino boss Wynn, recently exposed for alleged sexual misconduct, have announced they will donate that money to charity.
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